Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Five ways to keep cool in the hot summer heat!

1. Ice cream! Who doesn't love ice cream? Find a nice ice cream shop and get a few scoops or go out and buy your own carton. It's delicious either way. I suggest Ben and Jerry's Mint Chocolate Cookie ice cream or make your own with Smitten Kitchen's buttermilk ice cream recipe. Mmmmm. (Image via Laura Taylor)

2. Iced coffee, with a twist! Instead of putting regular ice in your coffee, why not make the ice cubes out of coffee? Simple, but effective and your coffee doesn't get watered down! I love that the ice is shaped like coffee beans. I must get one of these adorable trays! (Product via Cool Beans, Seen via Swiss-Miss)

3. Read a book by the pool. When you start to get hot, you can always jump right into the water or even float around and relax on a raft. I'm currently rereading Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer. This is my favorite book and author, hands down. Start a book club and discuss with friends! It makes for a great conversation and is a lot of fun.

4. Take a road trip without a destination. Drive until your surroundings are unfamiliar, pick a restaurant you've never been to and enjoy the spontaneity! Who knows, you might find a nice gem and return in the future. I suggest bringing a camera and make sure to have a great summer playlist at hand. Song suggestions: "Zebra" by Beach House, "Maximalist" by Baths, "Feel It All Around" by Washed Out, "Casual Goodbye" by Bear In Heaven, "Stranger Things" by Local Natives, "Animal Tracks" by Mountain Man, "INTIL" by Menomena, and "Ridin' In My Car" by She & Him

5. Make your own slip 'n' Slide. This makes me incredibly nostalgic for my first neighborhood. All of the neighborhood kids would get together and create our own fun. There's nothing better than getting together with friends, running through sprinklers, slip 'n' slides, water balloon/squirt gun fights, and ending it all with ice cream.

Any suggestions on fun ways to keep cool amidst the summer heat?

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