Thursday, December 2, 2010

15 Holiday Gift Ideas!

{1} Jenny Han {2} The Blue Balloon {3} Kyle Anne Metals {4} Photojojo {5} J.Crew
{6} Seesaw Letterpress {7} Anthropologie {8} Archival Clothing {9} Wayfaring Art {10} Madewell
{11} Oh Joy! {12} Elephantine {13} Michelle Elizabeth Designs {14} Poppytalk {15} Poppytalk

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  1. Kristine, this collection is absolutely brilliant -- it's really one of the best I've seen yet. I love every single one of your pieces. I'm definitely adding many of these to my wish list.

  2. i just found your darling blog through Poppytalk and it's happiness! thank you for this awesome post full of ideas...made my day. i'm following!♥

  3. These are beautiful, that anthropologie dress will be going on my wishlist! I love the paper hanging on the line, it's so pretty, I know someone who'd love it.
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  4. aw, thank you so much for including me! I love this gift guide :)

  5. ohh, what a good list. i like that calendar a lot. so desirable.

  6. Sooo many things to covet! I love those lace-up boots and that amazing black and white dress!

  7. lust lust lusting these gifts.. So many perfect xmas gifts!! Now following you here and on bloglovin'

  8. Ooooh! Number 2 and number 8 for me, s'il vous plait! These are adorable! Unfortunately, grad school is making it a handmade Christmas for this girl.

    Kara of Carnivorous Deer Vintage


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