Monday, December 6, 2010

Lately {Photo Post!}

It's finally frozen here in Indiana. I've been stomping through the snow and have been trying really hard not to fall on all of the ice! I practically ice-skated to class this morning, haha! I've been getting into the holiday spirit and am definitely ready for this semester to be over. A week from Wednesday, I'll be in paradise. My friend Jillian had Warby Parker send her their home try-on glasses and we had some fun trying those on last night. I think she decided on this pair. They look great on her (as you can see)!


  1. new reader!

    your blog is absolutely lovely and that first photo is so cute.

  2. These pictures are lovely; that first one is perfect, and the one with the cat is so adorable!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  3. Yummm hot chocolate with candy canes! Fantastic photo. :) I got my glasses from Warby Parker last month, they're awesome!

  4. Incredible photos! I love your music videos although I always think you're going to start moving around! Your ginger cat is adorable (my ginger kitty is named Marley!)

    xo Emily

  5. Looks like you've been having fun!

    LOVE the Warby Parkers on you!

  6. I definitely could use a cupcake right about now. I'm trying to get through finals too -- good luck with yours! I wish we were in the same place next Wednesday so we can celebrate together, but I'll be off in San Fran. That's not quite Indiana.

  7. ohhh! I loove the pictures. the colours are amazing, and the cupcakes look so cool! and your outfit, too :D
    love your blog!

  8. I've just been following your blog for a bit but these pictures made me have to say that your haircut is the first ever to make me want short hair! So, so cute!

    And the warby parkers are great!


  9. Q, so are you! I wish we lived closer so we could hang out!

    Rae, thank you so much! I'm glad you like it :) It means a lot!

    Carys, thank you! I love my cat. She is so laid back. She loves being held like a baby. It's adorable.

    Trude, I love Warby Parker! I think it's great that when you buy a pair, they give a pair away. Such a great company to support!

    Emily, hahaha I never thought about the fact that it might look like my picture was a video. Maybe I'll have to make that happen :P My kitty is named Louella! Marley is a really cute name!

    Chelsea, I've definitely been trying to have a little fun before finals! Eek! Thanks for the compliment on the Warby Parkers. Their glasses rule!

    Brandi, good luck with your finals too! I wish we could celebrate together as well :( I'll be in LA later this month! Too bad that's not San Fran!

    Cocomathilde, Thank you so much! You are the sweetest! :)

    Michele, That is such a nice compliment! I chopped 14 inches off of my hair in May and I definitely don't regret it! If you ever get the urge, do it! :)

  10. Beautiful post :D i’m new on blogger :D and your blog is awesome :D if you want to follow me i’ll follow you back :D xoxo

  11. This post is making me drool!

  12. beautiful blog!!!

  13. The solar flare, of course! Following you back!

    Aliso, thank you, thank you! :)

    E, winter definitely brings out my sweet tooth, haha!

    Alessia, thank you! Of course!


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