Thursday, January 13, 2011

My new favorite, the golden arrow necklace by The Blue Balloon!

(Photo by Matthew Frazier)

This necklace is my new favorite. It was a gift and it's from The Blue Balloon, one of my all-time favorite etsy shops! The necklace was featured on my post, 15 holiday gift ideas. I haven't taken it off since I opened it.  Go check her shop out for other gems! I just had to share! :)

Also, here's a little bit of inspiration from the short documentary, A Visual Life, featuring The Sartorialist.


  1. I love that necklace- very chic! The Sartorialist is a wonderful speaker!

  2. i'm so happy it really was for you! i knew the addy was in your state, but didn't want to ruin any potential surprise for you. so glad you like it!

  3. ooh! I love the necklace. happy weekend!

  4. Beautiful Necklace!! Thanks for commenting on my last post! :)

    Bex xxx


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