Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A.P.C. Summer Collection

I am loving the pale and navy colors in these pieces of the A.P.C. summer collection. I'm a big fan of their color choices this season. The March weather tricked me yet again this year. The past two days have been absolutely beautiful here! Of course, that beauty was short-lived. The temperature dropped rapidly tonight and I'm so impatient for the warmth to return! I'm definitely not a winter girl. I need the sun! Everyone else ready for spring and summer?


  1. I'm SO ready for some warmer days, and these pieces look like they'd be the perfect way to celebrate the new season.

  2. love those dresses! and totes ready for spring for real! it was in the 60's on st.patrick's day, today it was snowing. go home, winter :)


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