Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Topshop Spring/Summer 2011

Anyone else swooning over Topshop's pretty stylings in 214 magazine? I just ordered my swimsuit from Topshop. I ordered this one and I can't wait to wear it when I'm in Austin next week!

Do any of you live in Austin? If so, let me know! I'll be there March 11th-19th! I'm really excited. Not only do I love Austin, but one of my closest friends lives down there and I get to spend the week with Matt! He's playing a show where we met last year. I love that my spring break has fallen on SXSW two years in a row!  Have any of you been? What is your favorite music festival to go to?


  1. This is all so so gorgeous!


  2. Completely swooning over here! I love Topshop but I rarely buy anything from there. That swimsuit is adorable. I need a new one for my trip to San Diego. Maybe I'll browse Topshop.

    Have fun at SXSW! I've been wanting to go to a music fest for years but I can't seem to convince any of my friends to come with.

  3. ahhh i love topshop ! jtm jtm jtm
    the cookies

  4. Oh goodness, there is so much I want from Topshop right now! Mustard yellow silk shirts, pretty lace dresses, gorgeous lingerie, I love it all! Topshop is one of the few stores that always always has things that I love and are made well. I have so many dresses from there that I've had for years and I still wear again and again!
    Hope you are having a good time in Austin! I love it there. There's so much to do and see and the food there is amazing!


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