Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A little taste of my Monday night

Yesterday evening my friend Adam and I decided to pick up some food and wine, then head to Lake Monroe. It was an adventure, to say the least! The first grocery store we went to was a place neither of us had ever been. I almost bought cheese that expired in June of 2009! Ick! After driving to another grocery store, we headed to Lake Monroe from Bloomington. On the way we realized that we didn't have a corkscrew for our wine, so we stopped at a little gas station/bait & tackle shop in Paynetown (haha). They didn't have a corkscrew, so we purchased a big fork and Adam somehow managed to open our wine bottle (after a very heated battle). The bait & tackle shop had a cute little "library" on the inside for people to take and bring books as they please. I grabbed a couple and can't wait to go back to gift my own books to their collection. It was a cute idea. We talked, ate, drank, and took a few pictures. It was a really nice night. All photos were taken with Adam's camera!


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  2. I like these! Though that Ronald McDonald picture is terrifying, haha.


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