Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Boots, boots, & more boots

BDG Suede Lace-up Boot

Malaba Pepino Boot

Chelsea Crew Cyrus Lace-up Ankle Boots

BDG Two-tone Lace-up Boot

Matiko Leather Wedge Docksider Boot

I'm a sucker for boots, especially all of the great styles that I've been seeing this season! I really love how I've been seeing knee socks being worn with boots and oxfords in the catalogs this fall. I'm definitely going to pull out my knee socks and tights from the back of my closet and start sporting those with my boots as soon as the weather is below 90 and 80 degrees!


  1. Ahhh - I love boots!! A little too much probably. :) The second ones are my fave!

  2. Those boots are also my favorite! I love the worn look about the leather. I also like boots a little too much. I'm getting really antsy for the weather to change so I can wear boots without melting!

  3. Oh man, I feel like I've been on a hunt for those "perfect boots" for what seems like forever now.. Feminine, but not too girly, vintage-y, preferably brown, etc etc... I guess that's why I haven't found them, because I am too hard to please :( (unless I am willing to pay $150+... sigh..) I wrote you a novel!

  4. I know! I'm the same way. I really want some Clarks Desert boots, but I can't decide if I'm going to get them because I'm afraid that I'll find other boots I want immediately after I buy them! I'm so indecisive. I enjoyed your novel :D

  5. The second boot would be so perfect for fall. I'm in love with dark browns right now!


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