Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A few things I love/miss

I went to Jamaica in late May this year and it was one of the most enlightening experiences I've had thus far. It was my first time venturing out of my little American bubble and I absolutely loved the feeling of a new place and new culture. It was refreshing and I learned a lot about myself there. I cannot wait until I get the opportunity to travel more. There are so many places I want to go! What places are on the top of your travel wish list?

This boy and his band, Local Natives. If you haven't listened to them you should. Don't take my word for it, read all of the genuinely nice/wonderful reviews they get (here's one)! They're incredibly talented. He came to visit a couple of weeks ago and I definitely miss him. I get to see him in Chicago a week from Saturday (as well as a show by Local Natives) so I'm overwhelmingly excited! (Image via

My wonderful friends, Aya and her husband (the man behind the camera), Thom. They are both really loving and caring people and I'm so glad to have them in my life! They also have one of the cutest little ones I've ever seen. Aya is having a little contest to win a coupon to her etsy on her blog, Strawberry Koi. Go and enter! I mean, why wouldn't you? :)

My family! I love them so much. This is only part my mom's side , so I'm missing quite a few of those I love in this picture. I'm so thankful to have such an amazing family. My brother is one of my best friends and I enjoy every second I spend with him. I only get to see him every other weekend or so, therefore I miss him dearly. (Image via Matt Claghorn & yes I used to have a whole lot of hair!)

There's an infinitely long list of other people/things that I love and miss, but I'll leave you with this small slice of my life.


  1. Ohhh man! I can't get over how cute that picture is of you two, and what an adorable couple you two make!

    I love that you featured us... we are both melting here! :D

    (BTW, perfect family portrait there! It looks like something that should be on a billboard, haha!)

  2. how very sweet of a post! so heartwarming!



  3. Aya, you are too sweet! You two are pretty easy to feature :P I had so much fun today! We must make bows/eat ice cream/play ukulele again soon!

    Mike, I'm sorry to say, but I love my short hair! Of course, I also loved my long hair, but it will be quite awhile before I am ready to grow it out again :P

    Justyna, thank you! I'm glad it warmed your heart :)

  4. I miss my family a bunch too. My brother lives in the same city as me and we've definitely gotten closer over the years.

    As for travel, Italy is at the top of the list. My boyfriend has a lot of family there (a grandmother, a bunch of aunts, uncles, and cousins) so we're planning to fly out there next summer so he can see them all. That just means I need to get to work on my Italian!


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