Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Photo post!

Links to those in the photos:
2 & 4: Sara Baldwin (The Basement Jam)
6: Matthew Frazier (Outta Sight)
7: Aya Smith (Strawberry Koi)
8: Leah Fithian (Lee-ugh) and Maybelle (the pup) sadly doesn't have a link, but isn't she adorable?

I hope everyone is having a great week! Anyone else more than ready for the weekend?


  1. ahhh, this is such a cute post! You and Sara look really dreamy in those top photos... I love them! :D


  2. Fun photos! And YES, I am sooo ready for the weekend!

  3. Your boots look so cute! Can I ask what brand they are? :]

  4. The boots that I'm wearing in these photos are from a thrift store in Kentucky, but the brand reads "Eastside." I wear some lace up black boots that I also love a lot that are Chelsea Crew. :)


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