Sunday, September 19, 2010

Heart Jewelry!

Like I've said in posts before, I like jewelry that holds some sort of meaning behind it. I love these two pieces because I love anything having to do with love (corny, I know). I've been swooning over this knot ring for months now. I think my hand is itching to wear it!

Oksana Sterling Silver Ring by India y La Luna

I love the idea that this knot is shaped like a little heart! I also adore its simplicity. I would never take it off!

Brass Anatomical Heart Necklace by HouseThatCrowBuilt

This hand cut brass heart is really beautiful. I love the texture of it and of course, the stamped "You are here." The piece was inspired by E.E. Cummings's poem I Carry your Heart with me. This makes me smile.


  1. I just gasped for a moment there. These pieces are so incredibly beautiful. I love how simple but powerful the ring is. And the necklace makes me smile too! It's clear why you have such a crush on these.

  2. That ring is beautifully delicate and so pretty. I always think that if you go back to something after a few months have passed, it's for you.

  3. gosh, i love the anatomical heart.
    ohh, and your boyfriend is in a band? which band?

  4. Local Natives! They're wonderful :)


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